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Mobility is key for maintaining a clean and tidy home. There are dozens of little tasks to do throughout the day to ensure a hygienic and pleasant living environment – tasks that may become more difficult or even unsafe as mobility is reduced. Thats where Fraser Elite’s domestic cleaners in Inverness can help.
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Our domestic cleaners in Inverness and the surrounding areas make it possible for you or your loved ones to maintain a high standard of housekeeping without the physical strain.
Domestic cleaners Inverness

house cleaning in Inverness

We know that most people have a particular routine and method for their cleaning. Our home-helpers will get to know you and how you like things done.

Our house cleaning services are about keeping your home’s cleanliness at the level you expect, which is why our team of domestic cleaners undertake a wide variety of tasks to keep your living space looking and feeling clean and tidy.

Fraser Elite offers house cleaning in Inverness and the surrounding areas specially tailored for less able people. We understand some of the challenges that can arise as a result of being less able. As a result we offer as much help as required to help manage a person’s housework without impeding on their independence or dignity.

Our home helpers can assist with tasks that are too challenging for a less able person to undertake on their own, or completely take over cleaning and tidying so that the home remains hygienic and clutter-free. We always base our services on you or your loved one’s individual situation and will be happy to tailor support as needed.

domestic cleaners inverness

Flexible domestic cleaners in inverness

Maintaining a clean and tidy home is a matter of pride and confidence for many people.

A well-ordered and pleasant living environment can reduce stress and promote mental wellbeing, but can also be important for physical safety – uncluttered surfaces, floors and walkways are essential to ensure less able people can move around their homes safely.

Every person is unique, and so is their home. We tailor our house cleaning in Inverness so that tasks are completed at the appropriate time, at regular intervals and to a high standard. Whether you or your loved one need daily or weekly assistance, we will draw up a schedule of what tasks need to be performed and when – for example, a weekly vacuum of carpets and flooring, or daily washing of dishes and surfaces.

Short or long term house cleaning in Inverness

No matter your circumstances, there is a cleaning solution to suit.

You or your loved one may be less active due to advanced age or disability, in which case you may wish for a longer-term, regular cleaning visit. Alternatively, you may require cleaning services for only a short period, for example, if you are recovering from an illness or injury and are less mobile as a result.

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Our domestic cleaners in Inverness can offer:
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  • Domestic cleaning services
  • Housekeeping
  • Hoovering
  • Washing dishes
  • Dusting
  • Cleaning floors
  • Window cleaning
  • Cleaning bathrooms

If you are looking for something which is not on the list above, we’re happy to answer all your questions:

01463 716796

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Meeting your Individual requirements

The Fraser Elite team will always endeavour to meet your individual cleaning requirements, whether this involves vacuuming, washing dishes, cleaning bathrooms, dusting or anything else you may wish.
 There is no need to provide materials or equipment – our domestic cleaners in Inverness come equipped with their own vacuum cleaner, cloths, mops and sprays – if you have any particular product preference we will do our best to incorporate this.

01463 716796

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Your home-helper will ask whether there are any priorities or specific tasks you would like them to take care of during their cleaning and home help visit. Schedules are completely flexible and you are under control at all times to direct cleaning and home help wherever you require.

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