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Loneliness and its effects can be a major concern for the loved ones of less able, older and more isolated people. Whether due to decreased mobility leading to increased time spent at home, a reduction in social contacts or the loss of a partner, loneliness can have a huge impact on the health and wellbeing of a less able person.
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Our companionship and befriending services make it possible for you or your loved ones to maintain social contact when its needed.

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companionship Tailored to the Individual

Our services are based on the individual and their specific needs and requirements.

Perhaps your loved one would benefit from a daily welfare check, a pop-in for a cup of tea and a chat or a longer visit on a more regular basis – there is no one-size-fits-all approach to companionship. We will always endeavour to work with you to find the ideal balance of services that create the greatest benefit for your loved one.

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Build Trusting Relationships

Our home-helpers will get to know your loved one and work to foster social support and companionship.

Based on discussion and evaluation of their needs, we may recommend activities, outings and social outlets that will improve confidence and interpersonal skills. Companionship can even be as simple as chatting, sharing experiences and listening to your loved one’s thoughts and concerns – building a trusting relationship.

Keeping social bonds strong

Additionally, many less able people find comfort and companionship in their pets. Our home-helpers can assist those less able with the care their beloved pets need. Our helpers can help to maintain the vital bond between your loved ones and their pets with regular walks, grooming, feeding, and much more if they are struggling to do so.

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Our companionship and befriending services can include:

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  • Regular at-home Check-ins
  • At Home Activities
  • Getting Out for walks
  • Trips to the shops
  • Arranging for friends to visit
  • Events and social gatherings
  • One-off visitation

If you are looking for something which is not on the list above, we’re happy to answer all your questions:

01463 716796

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Our flexible social contract

We know that there are many social outlets your loved one may wish to engage with, and we will work to reduce the barriers to these.

 Arranging for friends to visit, creating safe environments for less able people to socialise within the community, accompanying them to events or even just on a trip to the shops can all be valuable social experiences that less able people struggle to have alone.

01463 716796

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Your home-helper will ask whether there are any priorities or specific tasks you would like them to take care of during their visit. Schedules are completely flexible and you are under control at all times to direct the kinds of services and the frequency with which you require them.

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